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When you advertise your business with the PodNooga Network, you’re tapping into a powerful platform that reaches a dedicated and engaged audience. Our network is composed of diverse shows that cover a wide range of topics, ensuring there’s a perfect fit for every business seeking local exposure.

Through strategic ad placements on our network of podcasts, we connect businesses with their target customers right in their own backyard. From promoting local events and services to highlighting unique products, the PodNooga Network provides a dynamic channel to showcase your business and captivate listeners.

Our team works closely with businesses to craft compelling and impactful ad campaigns that resonate with our listeners. We understand the local landscape and the nuances that make your business special, enabling us to create authentic advertisements that truly connect with the community.

Michael was SO amazing to work with on the My Part of Town Chattanooga podcast!

He reached out, followed up, and followed through quickly and professionally. As a local business owner being featured on the show, he made the process incredibly enjoyable and highlighted my company perfectly.

A few weeks after our episode aired, we had a family from Illinois stop in my store specifically because they had heard the episode and wanted to come check us out. I sincerely hope to be back on again!

Megan McClain

Owner of The Chattanooga Cookie

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